Estate Planning

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Have peace of mind knowing that your assets are protected and those you care about are taken care of.  The Law Office of Nicholas K. Hart focuses on creating an estate plan that is custom to your needs and wants.  Having an organized estate plan will limit the headaches and costs associated with probate (the court designed to distribute assets of deceased persons).  In fact, having a trust eliminates probate cost completely because a trust that is created correctly does not go through the probate courts.  Thus, removing probate costs eliminates the stress and headaches to your loved ones after you pass.  Keep in mind, that without estate planning, up to fifty percent of a person’s wealth may be lost to federal and state inheritance and estate taxes and with today’s frequently changing gift and estate tax laws, individuals need to respond with flexible and well-thought-out planning tools.

With our help you can successfully maximize your estate planning goals with the following services:

  • Will drafting
  • Trust drafting
  • Powers of Attorney and Living Wills
  • Estate and Trust Litigation
  • Lifetime Gift Planning
  • Generation-Skipping Transfer Planning
  • Trust and Estate Administration


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