The Law Office of Nicholas K. Hart


Personal Injury

Estate Planning

Medical Malpractice

Dog Bite

Injury at Work

Hurt in a car wreck? Slip and fall? Other injury? Set up a 100% free consultation with me to discuss your case. I have the expertise and experience to represent you and unlike a large law firm, I focus on quality, not quantity to get you every dollar you deserve.

Also, plan for the future by creating a will or a trust.  Get peace of mind knowing that you have planned for the future and those you care about are taken care of.  Did you know that if you die without a proper estate plan up to fifty percent of your wealth may be lost to federal and state inheritance and estate taxes?

Call today for a 100% free consultation with an attorney to discuss your injury case or estate planning goals.  Expect a loyal attorney who is dedicated to provide you great legal services and earn your trust.

   CALL TODAY  (801) 934-3377








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